Findings on Emotional Durable Design

Findings on Emotional Durable Design

For my recent research into Emotionally Durable Design in connection to products, I have been reading up a lot on what binds us with the products we buy. As well as looking at non-Western cultures (in specific the African continent) on we how build relationships with one another, and how we form relationships with things. Sustainable fashion connoiseur Kate Fletcher wrote a bit about this, on how “things do not have social lives” rather “social lives have things” (Tranberg Hansen). This is the epicentre of my research, in how HUMAN relationships form habits and behaviours that surround material culture. I think there is a lot to investigate and draw inspiration from if we look at African societies. I truly believe the current fashion system can be led by these examples. I am determined to put this into practice.

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Rumour in Africa

In 2016 I founded the African Sartorial Chronicles with the incentive to offer a gathering place for those who share common objectives to enter in an open dialogue to intellectualise fashion in the African context. Herein, the trailblazers of tomorrow form a community through collective values and beliefs, sharing stories and patterns of thought. The talks circle around a direct agenda on how fashion can promote growth, sustainability and allow for inclusive business models that will benefit creative talent in the Pan-African fashion industry. The purpose is to allow the story-tellers of this vast growing realm to be heard.

We aim to:

Create an open podium for dialogue, exchange of ideas and connecting points for various stakeholders/players involved in the African fashion industry.

Treat fashion narratives with a high level of dignity and truth.

Bring attention to sustainability, ethical & social issues and solutions that affect the fashion industry and those involved.

Utilise fashion as a tool to elicit young professionals. Empower talented individuals who have a creative and ambitious outlook in the fashion sector, and are looking to connect with like- minded professionals.

Rumour in Africa by Zinzi de Brouwer

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