Rumour in Africa

In 2016 I founded the African Sartorial Chronicles with the incentive to offer a gathering place for those who share common objectives to enter in an open dialogue to intellectualise fashion in the African context. Herein, the trailblazers of tomorrow form a community through collective values and beliefs, sharing stories and patterns of thought. The talks circle around a direct agenda on how fashion can promote growth, sustainability and allow for inclusive business models that will benefit creative talent in the Pan-African fashion industry. The purpose is to allow the story-tellers of this vast growing realm to be heard.

We aim to:

Create an open podium for dialogue, exchange of ideas and connecting points for various stakeholders/players involved in the African fashion industry.

Treat fashion narratives with a high level of dignity and truth.

Bring attention to sustainability, ethical & social issues and solutions that affect the fashion industry and those involved.

Utilise fashion as a tool to elicit young professionals. Empower talented individuals who have a creative and ambitious outlook in the fashion sector, and are looking to connect with like- minded professionals.

Rumour in Africa by Zinzi de Brouwer

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