Brand Direction Projects

Client: Eliana Murargy

My role: Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media, Copywriting

For Eliana Murargy, I did a complete re-branding of the fashion label as well as a complete brand strategy and social media strategy that was executed under my direction.

ELIANA MURARGY Zinzi de Brouwer
Eliana Murargy by Zinzi de Brouwer

Client: Pauline van Dongen

My role: Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Concept Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Copywriting, PR

I managed the brand department of Pauline van Dongen, and tackled every detail of visual communication from concepts to tangibles. I also oversaw the exhibition of the new project Issho, at Denim Days.

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Client: Afriek

My role: Brand Strategy, Trend Investigation, Research and Writing

Afriek is a Dutch clothing brand operating in the duality of Rwanda and the Netherlands. I developed a Design and Aesthetics Guideline as a project carried out by Stories of Near. Our task was to create a vision strategy for the brand, as well as brand strategy in which the guideline serves as a visionary depiction to adhere to for the future of the brand. Herein, the core brand principles and values are depicted, for which I did a through trend investigation. I also developed an Ethical Guideline, as a means for decision-making and processes for the brand to utilise, ensuring the growth of Afriek within the African landscape as well as in the West, creating meaning and value with a strong social responsible message.